e-Counseling has become a popular form of counseling. It takes place electronically through video (such as Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom), email, live chat, or telephone. Clients can choose the modality that works best for you and appointments are scheduled at your convenience.

What are the Advantages of Online e-Counseling?

e-Counseling is an attractive alternative to on-site counseling because…

  • It is an affordable means of obtaining counseling services
  • It allows more flexibility with dates and times of appointments
  • Clients can engage in counseling in the comfort of their home
  • Continuity of counseling when traveling

How does Online Counseling Work?

  1. Clients call NCI to schedule appointments with one of our Online Counseling credentialed counselors.
  2. NCI emails necessary Online Counseling Forms to the client, which includes:
    1. Personal Data Inventory
    2. Informed Consent Form
    3. Online Counseling Fee agreement
  3. Completed forms are faxed or mailed to NCI. All forms must be completed and received by NCI before the first session.
  4. Payment is made prior to each session, using one of three options:
    1. Payments may be submitted through Paypal
    2. Check or Money Order payable to NCI (Personal checks must clear our bank before the first session)
    3. Credit or Debit card by telephone
  5. At the end of each session, the next Online Counseling session will be scheduled. Like all effective counseling, it is a process that usually requires several sessions, but one-time consultations are also an option.

Your Counselor


Debbie Pinkston, Ph.D., is a fully trained and credentialed Online Counselor (or E-Counselor) at NCI.