At NCI, our goal is to help our clients recognize the negative effects of excessive anger and apply learned skills to respond in a manner that is both healthier and more socially appropriate.

Anger has been proven to have many negative impacts. It may hurt and alienate those who struggle to control it and fail to see the self destruction caused by the loss of control. Destructive anger is often amplified and affects not only the individual; it also affects their families and society at large. Individuals with poor Anger Management skills commonly suffer with the inability to control negative behaviors, manage physical and mental health, and maintain healthy relationships.

Our program aids individuals to identify any personal life experiences or stressors that have contributed to the development of triggers which provoke anger responses. Once these factors have been recognized, the client is empowered with the proper tools to gain control over their actions before escalation. The Anger Management course at NCI is designed to teach awareness, recognition and empathy to the individuals. This can prove to have a positive influence on their conflict resolution skills as well as overall health in relationships.

What We Offer

  • Individual personalized sessions taught by Anger Management Specialists
  • Certification to satisfy court orders
  • A quality program designed to serve the needs of our clients and promote healthier relational patterns.
  • Instruction for Spanish speaking clients

How We’re Different

  • Clients are valued and treated as unique individuals
  • We provide one-on-one training for a more personal experience.
  • Marriage and family relational skills are integrated.
  • Family members, spouses, and loved ones are encouraged to attend.

Program Curriculum Twelve Modules

  1. Understanding anger, triggers and tracking with an anger log
  2. Physiological explanations for anger
  3. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  4. Calming techniques
  5. Unhealthy shame-anger cycle
  6. Reconstructing dysfunctional thoughts
  7. Recognizing judgement and critical reactions
  8. Assertive communication
  9. Conflict resolution
  10. Stress and anxiety management
  11. Mindfulness in anger management
  12. Developing an anger management life practice


Ahora las clases de Manejo de Enojo se ofrecen en Español en Bentonville! Duran 6 semanas, dos horas semanal. Llame ahora para reservar su cupo.


  • Raises client’s awareness of triggers and behaviors associated with anger.
  • Helps clients to recognize unhealthy thought patterns that can lead to anxiety and depression.
  • Courses are offered in English and in Spanish.

Your Counselors

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National Anger Management Association Specialist Certification