Counseling is NOT for Dummies

It is a common misconception that counseling is for DUMMIES – or CRAZIES – or WEAKLINGS. In fact, it is not for the faint of heart at all. It takes a great deal of courage to face one’s issues and even more to share them with another person.Seeking help is hard to do.

I recently was with a group of men yes, yes, I know especially ‘men’ don’t ask for directions, and none of them had bothered to map out the route we were taking to our golf outing. After driving several miles in what was supposed to be ‘the direction of’ the golf course, the driver asked, ‘are you sure the course is on this road?’ There were at least 2 iPhones in the car and it took another few minutes to try to access Google Maps. When that failed someone finally just phoned the golf course for directions. This takes not asking for directions to a whole new level.

I have the greatest respect for my clients who seek counseling help. They have taken the bold step of sharing their need with others. It is often better for them when they seek counseling help — as it was far better for us to actually play golf rather than driving around ‘thinking’ but not kinowing where we were going.