Anger Management


I don’t think Northwest Arkansas is unusually plagued with angry people. In fact, it may be more laid back than average. Still, anger is one of the most destructive forces in relationships. Most angry people agree that it hurts their lives. Some research shows that anger is a major contributor to heart disease in males.

Still, anger appears and retreats almost without permission. As anger gets hold of a person there seems to be insufficient restraints to stop it. Once on a roll, there is no stopping an angry person. Better to get out of the way. If two people get going with uncontrolled anger, it isn’t going to be pretty.

Here is a tip on anger.

Anger is not a primary emotion, it is a secondary emotion. In their book, ‘Mad About Us,’ Gary and Carrie Oliver share that anger is built from more fundamental reactions and emotions, usually a combination of some form of fear, hurt, or frustration, that fuels the anger. When a person is angry they are usually not aware of these underlying emotions and where they come from. At the moment of anger they believe that someone or something else has ‘made’ them angry. In fact they are angry because they have been hurt, frustrated or scared. The key to understanding anger and becoming a less angry person STARTS with understanding and owning the underlying emotions that give rise to the FIGHT respone expressed in many forms of anger.