New Year Thoughts

by Debbie Pinkston, Ph.D., LAC

At the beginning of each year my thoughts turn to where I’m at, where I think I “should” be by now, and where I want to be next year.  As I think back on my previous New Year’s resolutions I realize that so many of them haven’t become a reality!  Staying away from sweets and exercising every day is one example L It’s easy to feel like a failure when we focus on what we haven’t accomplished, isn’t it?  The happy Christmas holidays can easily end up with the New Year’s blues if we think about all we “should” have done.  Sound familiar?

I’d like to make a suggestion, to myself and to you, if you find yourself lamenting the goals you haven’t reached during the past year.  We can choose to focus on what we DO have right now-food, shelter, clothing, family and friends, the most important aspects of life.  We can also remember the things we HAVE accomplished during the past year.  Is your relationship with someone closer than it was a few months ago?  Have you been able to read a great book, visit someone special, or have a positive influence in someone’s life?  Have you maintained your job, decreased your debt, or managed to save a little more this past year?  I’m sure if you look for the positive events or accomplishments, you’ll find them!

Remember that we can choose to focus on the things we think we should have accomplished but didn’t, or we can be thankful for the things that we were able to achieve with God’s help.  Our mental focus will influence the way we feel and ultimately how we face the New Year.