It is possible to save your marriage, with the guidance of a skilled counselor.

Frequently individuals call our office in a desperate cry for help for their marriage, basically pleading: “Help me stop divorce”! Feelings are frayed and hearts are heavy, as these couples reach out and look for counseling services that can get their marriage back on track. What motivates these couples to reach out is the realization that they cannot bring about the needed changes in their lives and the life of their spouse to produce the marriage they desire.

The lack of effective communication is one key factor that keeps couples from connecting in a productive and satisfying manner. Little by little couples drift apart, each living in their own world, until there is no connection and each is left feeling as if they are living with a stranger. Eventually couples part ways, or seek marriage help.

Expectations are often part of the problem in marriage, as each partner has strong ideas about the “correct” role the other partner should play. This can lead to frustration and criticism which further robs the marriage of that genuine connection that we all desire.

Anger control issues are sometimes part of the problem in marriage, as feelings are expressed in destructive ways and hurts are deepened with each explosion. Anger Management Counseling is available at Northwest Counseling, Inc., and when the anger is properly managed, hurts can be healed and you can save your marriage.

If you are struggling in your relationship and desire to save your marriage, take heart and know that there is hope. Counselors are trained to facilitate effective communication between marriage partners, encourage the expression of feelings in an environment of safety and trust, and help couples negotiate solutions that will provide each partner with what they desire. Our counselors are ready to guide you through the maze of hurt feelings and misunderstandings, and help you save your marriage.

Deborah (Debbie) Pinkston, Ph.D.