Faith Based Counseling

For many, faith is a source of strength, conviction and hope for life change. When life isn’t working, elements of faith can enhance the counseling process. We support clients’ moral convictions and encourage applications of faith principles as part of the therapeutic process. Faith is an important and powerful personal resource for our clients who need help.

NCI has counselors who have received training specifically designed to integrate faith and counseling as people helpers. We are loving and non-judgmental. Faith integration is only offered when expressly requested by clients.

Counseling in Spanish and English

NCI makes counseling available to Spanish speaking people in Northwest Arkansas.

Debbie Pinkston, Ph.D. is fluent in speaking and writing Spanish and has recently returned to the United States after 25 years as a missionary to Venezuela. Since she has been immersed in the culture, she brings sensitivities to cultural elements beyond mere language translation. Spanish counseling is conducted with high quality professional techniques in Spanish language and from a counselor with internalized cultural awareness.

Grief Counseling

Our grief and loss support team is keenly sensitive to many kinds of loss, grief and the effects of long-term illness.

Suffering chronic illness, death of a loved one, divorce, or other loss can sometimes become complicated. Complicated grief is isolating and frustrating when others move back into their normal lives and that ability escapes the grieving person.

We hope you will call if you need a companion on your journey through loss, chronic illness or death or divorce.

Counseling by Twos — A Co-Counseling Option

Co-Counseling is offered at NCI.

Co-Counseling is two therapists working in tandem on one case. It could be a couple counseling, individual counseling or family counseling situation in which two of our experienced counseling professionals work within that case structure as a team.

There are many advantages to co-therapy. It provides two expert opinions about the nature of the issues and double the creativity in designing plans and therapy modalities for their clients. You would benefit from the adage “two heads are better than one” if you choose this therapy option.

Counseling for Victims of Abuse

Northwest Counseling staff are trained and experienced in helping children and adults overcome the negative, destructive influences of abuse on their lives and relationships. Abuse is an all too common issue, often kept a secret for many years, but the effects of the abuse may unconsciously linger. Even when abuse is not the primary issue in counseling, it often surfaces as a major part of relationship counseling and family counseling issues.

Sexual, physical, verbal abuse, abandonment and other sorts of abuse are very disruptive to all people and may have lingering effects throughout their lives. Abuse is especially disturbing when the victim is a child.

It is our commitment to do whatever is possible to protect people from abuse, help them heal from abuse, and overcome unwanted responses in their current lives that flow from their past abuse.

Our sensitive and caring counselors help hearts. Play therapy techniques are especially effective. Family sessions are available to help the abused and their family grow through the aftermath of trauma.

Senior Adult Services

Northwest Counseling provides mental health and substance use counseling services for senior adults.

John D. Ezell LPC, LADAC has over 40 years of experience working with problems associated with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, alcohol/drugs, and gambling. The initial session is without obligation. It provides an opportunity for you, the client, to determine if available services will work for you. Please call 479-855- 5704 to schedule an initial appointment.

Individual Counseling

Sometimes, you may have several things you want help with and a specific area is too restrictive. Trying to cope with major life challenges, childhood trauma, or dealing with depression alone can be overwhelming. Whether it’s general anxiety, adjusting to a new job or relationship or simply a desire for personal growth and greater self-knowledge, the counselors at NCI are here to help.

You and one of our counselors may work together for as few as five or six sessions or for several years. Together, you will make choices to best facilitate your unique needs and personalize goals for therapy.