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Psychiatry, TMS Specialists, and Counseling located in Bentonville, AR

Northwest Psychiatry & Counseling

Northwest Psychiatry & Counseling

Northwest Psychiatry & Counseling has been the leader in counseling and psychiatry services in Northwest Arkansas for more than 20 years. The team of top-notch counseling and psychiatry specialists has advanced training and experience in diagnosing and treating a broad spectrum of mental health conditions in their Bentonville, Arkansas, office and through telehealth. 

Patients struggling with anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health challenges come to Northwest Psychiatry & Counseling for compassionate treatment. 

The team listens and helps patients get to the root of their core issues. Then, they develop a roadmap for mental and physical changes based on the patient’s specific needs, goals, and desires. 

Medication can be very helpful for some patients; however, the Northwest Psychiatry & Counseling team never prescribes it in isolation because they believe that true lasting life changes can occur only with the tools for self-growth that counseling provides. 

Family and friends are invaluable support as patients move through the therapy process, so the team partners with patients and their loved ones to enhance support networks and facilitate healing. 

Northwest Psychiatry & Counseling provides steadfast empathetic support through challenging times so patients can get their lives back. To get help for any mental health challenge, call the office or book an appointment online today.