in Northwest Arkansas

Intimate relationships are among the most rewarding human experiences. They are also very challenging to maintain. At Northwest Counseling, Inc., we help heal broken marriages and create happier, healthier, long lasting relationships through EFT, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, a proven couples counseling model. EFT research boasts better than 85% of hurting relationships report being happy and thriving after completing the EFT counseling process.

Our couples counseling staff is skilled at empathizing with each person in the relationship. We seek to identify painful cycles of defensive communication that create distance. When hopelessness sets in, one or both partners may shut down.  Our staff will work to re-establish a solid foundation to help secure a more compatible and satisfying relationship. 

Through practicing new and deeper ways of communicating with the expectation to be heard, comforted and loved, both partners’ sense of closeness and intimacy grows and blossoms anew.

Our staff also offers Christian marriage counseling for those who desire it.

Effective Marriage Counseling in Rogers, Bentonville, and Springdale, Arkansas

If married, you will find NCI to be marriage supportive. That is, we will work to preserve a vital marriage relationship and map a practical pathway to healing and vitality of the broken relationship with proven EFT techniques. It is our joy to see many couples begin the marriage counseling process as estranged partners, who then regain warmth, trust and regularly have the “in-love” feeling again.

We understand that there are times when it is not possible for two persons to live well with each other. When separation or divorce must occur, NCI remains supportive of the individuals affected during and after a divorce. We offer family therapy and child therapy to ease the pain of the transition for the couple, and their children.

Whatever the circumstance, you will find our counselors are understanding, compassionate, and caring.